Abstract submission guidelines

Here you may find information on the format of abstracts, please read these carefully and follow them. Note that if your paper is accepted your abstract will be published on the conference website (and printed).

  • Lettering: 12 p. Times New Roman, 1½ spacing, indent 1 (no indent on first line of abstract), no extra space between paragraphs.
  • Length: 250–350 words, not including the title.
  • Title: Please try to keep it at a reasonable length, very long titles will be shortened for advertising purposes. Make sure that the title is descriptive and not too general.
  • Please do not include footnotes or bibliography. These should generally never be a part of abstracts, unless specifically asked for. If you need to have bibliographical references please keep them inline, within parentheses. Example (John Smith 2007, 86). A page number should only be included for direct quotations. References count towards the word count.
  • Limit the scope: Keep in mind that this is a 20 minute paper (ca. 2000–2600 words). It’s generally better to stick to one subject than trying to cover many aspects, as that may lead to you going over your allotted time. Keep this is mind while writing your abstract.
  • Direct quotations should be within single quotations marks: ‘What’s in a name?’
  • Foreign words should be italicized, this does not apply to personal names and place names.
  • Norse/Icelandic names should not be anglicized, example Þórarinn, Not Thorarinn. Which stage of normalization you choose (Old Norse, Modern Icelandic) is optional, but please be consistent.
  • Please check and double check your spelling of Norse/Icelandic names, quotes and terms.
  • Icelandic genre names should be written in modern Icelandic, e.g. fornaldarsögur not fornaldarsǫgur.
  • If at all possible please have a native speaker read your abstract (English speaker for English abstracts, Icelandic for Icelandic).
  • Please submit your abstract as a Word document (or comparable).

Please include with your submission, within the same document, full name, affiliation (school and department), what degree(s) you hold, as well as which degree you are working towards. Please use the following format for the file title: YourName-TitleOfPaper.